Friday, 20 October 2017

'Not very' is the answer

The Alpen Light chocolate and fudge bar was adequate. I suppose it would satisfy a craving of sorts. 

The trouble with all these diet clubs is that they all say the same thing, 'It's not a diet; it's a lifestyle change.' Yeah, right. That's why just about everyone who loses weight puts it back on. Because it's just too boring to live life like it.

Going away for the weekend so it is going to be hard to stick to my resolve. We're visiting Elder son who is an excellent cook. His dinners will be fine but the shortbread and cookies he and his boys make are tooooo bad for me. Maybe one? No! Tell me 'NO!' One is the beginning of the end.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Just how good can something with only 70 calories be?

So I lost one and a half pounds. Better than nothing - and better than Husband - but still.

One woman who joined the same time as me has lost ten and a half pounds in the same period. Just saying.

alpen Light chocolate and fudge barRegardless I am treating myself tonight with a 70 calorie/3 syn Alpen Light fudge and caramel bar, which I suspect sounds better than it will taste.

Bananas and why I won't

Banana cakes
I made banana cakes for Zac's last night. Banana cakes have two things going for them:
a) they use up over-ripe bananas;
b) I hate them so won't be tempted to eat them.

I haven't made anything with bananas for thirty-two years. That's a very precise time I hear you saying. Well, yes, because I have good - or perhaps bad - reason to remember it clearly.

Younger Son was a tiny baby and I had made some banana flapjacks. I ate one even though I wasn't keen on anything flavoured with banana - even though I adore bananas in themselves, as long as they're only just ripe. It was ... alright but I didn't eat any more of them.

Then, that very same, day I was struck down by a bout of vertigo; for a week I was in bed with a spinning head. But before the spinning started I was sick and all I could taste as I vomited was banana cake. Oh yucky.

Hence my refusal to eat or even cook with bananas again.

It seems other people don't have my horror though as they went down very well and, indeed, people said they were yummy.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

And remember to breathe

Great exercise session with Hannah this morning. I really felt it. Last week I was fine afterwards so either I didn't work hard enough or the exercises weren't hard enough for me but this week I think I'll have an ache or two. Once I get back into the swing of it the after-pain should stop.

plank exercise
Only nine months ago I used to be able to hold a plank for a minute or even ninety seconds; today I struggled to hold it for thirty - and I don't think I was holding such a good line as the model in the photograph. That's what comes of not exercising regularly. This class only has funding for seven more lessons so I must make sure I sign up for other classes, preferably with Hannah.

I'm still struggling with some arm exercises after the damage done by not falling out a tree several months ago but I think it's improving very slowly. Strangely enough I feel the most pain when I'm sitting at my computer stretching my arm out to my right side, holding my mouse and doing my online jigsaw. I suppose it's the angle at which I'm holding my arm.

In other news Husband lost one pound this week. And I really didn't enjoy my omelette at lunchtime. It's hard when you're on a diet and you regret eating something but can't eat anything extra and yummy to make up for it. Ah well, baked beans on toast for dinner tonight. (One of my favourites ever.)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Chocolate ... mmmmm

chocolate and dieting
When I created this blog the title reflected how I felt about myself. It also seemed to encompass lots of negatives that I thought may attract readers with similar feelings. I don't know how far that second bit has succeeded but the blog seems to get steady enough - if not high enough - readership numbers.

Now, strictly speaking I am past middle-age. Unless I live to be 100 which I have every intention of doing. I tend to feel frumpiest when my hair needs dying. Indeed an onset of the frumps usually reminds me to phone and make an appointment: I have one for Friday so all will be well again. But normally I feel anything but frumpy.

The fat bit. Hmm. I could say I'm not fat. Or I could dress it up and say I'm cuddly or voluptuous. But the fact is I do carry fat around my tummy and hips. It bulges over the top of my jeans and I don't like it. But I am in the process of doing something about it so that's fine.

I could rename the blog, 'Old, fat and occasionally frumpy,' but it doesn't have quite the same ring. Besides I don't feel that. So don't think the title reflects my everyday attitude: it doesn't. Most of the time I'm a jolly little bunny. Except when I'm craving chocolate ...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Friday, 13 October 2017

Death cleaning

I've been death cleaning (or decluttering if you prefer) and I came across evidence of my slimming history.

Apparently I joined Weightwatchers in 1998. I say 'apparently' because it has my name on it but I have no memory of it. It didn't last long: I weighed 9st 12lbs on joining and 9st 11 and a half lbs on leaving five weeks later.

I tried again more successfully in 2011, this time with Rosemary Conley.

It's fascinating what you forget.