Sunday, 10 December 2017

Nearly there

I have said this before but the weight loss way forward for me seems to be to eat out and to have puddings.

Last Wednesday, after Husband's birthday meal at Slice and being invited out to friends' for dinner, I lost two and a half pounds. That was after two weeks when I'd only managed half a pound each time.

Still mustn't grumble. My total weight loss is now thirteen and a half pounds. Half a pound more and I will get my stone certificate!

But ... since my last weigh-in I've been in hospital for an operation leaving me all pathetic and obliged to rest, meaning I'm not using many calories and eating too much.

But that aside I'm feeling slimmer and more confident. If I can eat sensibly-ish until Christmas then the damage from a small blow out will be easily repaired.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

December is not a good month

A number of birthday celebrations meant I was pleased to record half pound losses for two consecutive weeks. This week I may not be so lucky.

Yesterday was Husband's birthday. He began the day with breakfast in bed: warm croissants, butter and jam; I had my usual weetabix.

For lunch, after a long walk, Husband had a cheese and beetroot sandwich; I had salad and a few prawns.

Tea time the family came around for birthday cheesecake; I made do with a cup of tea.
delia Smith cheesecake

Then we went to Slice for a meal.

Slice is one of our favourite restaurants. Not that we go there very often as I always leave it too late to book and we can't get in. In fact, we only got in yesterday because of a last minute cancellation.

But I had it all planned: I would refuse any offer of bread, and only have two courses. Husband could have cheesecake for pudding when he got home.

(Have you guessed where this story is leading yet?)

The waitress brought us a basket of warm, mini loaves, one white and one seeded, and a bowl of pale butter. The smell alone was filled with calories so I decided I might as well eat it - but only with a scraping of butter as oppose to my usual lashings.

For starter I had venison carpaccio, cold parsnip puree, parsnip crisps and pickled red cabbage.

For main I had roasted monkfish, curried cauliflower, mussels and something else I can't remember.

Then when we said we didn't want dessert the waitress pointed out that it was included in the set price ...

So I had apple bavarois (a sort of apple custard), apple compote, honey madelines and a very rich and creamy ice cream.

Probably enough syns to keep me going until Christmas.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

One benefit of being ill

I lost 2 lbs this week. Which in birthday week is a good result. It also takes me to my 'Christmas gift to me'. 
But maybe I should wait until the ravages of the pre-Christmas season take their toll before celebrating.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How can people make themselves sick?!

After a bad - but very good - day on Sunday I've been back on the diet wagon fairly strictly.

And then last night I spent a long time throwing up in the toilet. Meaning I've not eaten yet today. I may try some weetabix later.

So maybe it will balance out at weigh-in tomorrow. Although this is not the way I would choose.

Monday, 13 November 2017

My birthday ...

meringue cake, made by Daughter.
Meringue cake pavlova
But apart from that and about six packs of fun-size Maltesers I was very quite good foodwise.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Feeling like a proper housewife

I was going to have a baked potato for lunch but then decided that soup wouldn't take much longer to prepare. So I chopped up onion, celeriac and leeks, and let them sweat a bit before adding vegetable stock and then simmered until the celeriac was soft. A quick whizz and it was ready for eating. And very tasty it was too.

Syn free and lots of speed. I'm going to call it Liz's Leek and Celeriac soup because I invented it. Okay, other people might have cooked it before but I thought of it all by myself.
leek and celeriac soup
And while I was waiting for it to cook I made a quick batch of chocolate raisin slice for Zac's tonight. Definitely not syn-free!